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      It’s where we excel at harnessing the power of technology so you can thrive on change. It’s big ideas that lead to next-generation IT services and solutions. It’s how our experts work with you to deliver new outcomes for your enterprise and move the bar for your industry.

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      Winning through change in the digital economy
      Winning Through Change in the Digital Economy
      HBR Analytic Services survey highlights how digital leaders are succeeding.

      A new HBR Analytic Services survey reveals that 79% of companies will undergo extensive or substantial change in the the next 5 years. What are the top factors facilitating change? Read the survey, sponsored by DXC.

      It's still early in 2018, so what trends should you be preparing for? DXC Technology CTO Dan Hushon discusses his top predictions. From re-platforming to AI, they focus on enhancing and optimizing performance and productivity.

      Expect advances in neural networks, generative adversarial networks and cooperative learning that leads to better adaptation. Opportunities include conversation capabilities and automated content generation. Take a "deep dive" into this trend.

      How can you become more Agile? Culture, business processes and free-flowing information are key. Learn more in our white paper.

      Companies will not succeed by accident. They will succeed by designing themselves to be digital. MIT’s Jeanne Ross explains how to choose the right digital strategy.

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    • Leveraging industry trends and next practices

      Leading Edge Forum (LEF) is a global research and thought leadership program dedicated to helping clients reimagine their organizations and leadership for a tech-driven future.

      Looking ahead to another year of fast-paced technology-driven change, a blend of thought leadership, next practice and pragmatic advice remains essential.

      Innovation is shifting to the "human platform." How is the boundary between work and life blurring? See how the digital infrastructure that LEF calls the Matrix supports and leverages these changes, and see the entire "virtual you."

      Focus on seven key areas where all aspects of business strategy should be optimized in the face of digital possibilities and threats, with a 21st century strategy stress test.

      How will the IT organization evolve? In this LEF report, explore a series of topics including: What routes can an organization’s technology group take to rebuild and reorganize to compete with the digerati?